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Serena Haines is an International Relationship and Intimacy Coach. She has a background in psychology and has studied relational counselling.

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We rely on our relationships to survive and thrive. A big part of our wellness journey will be the people we take along with us. If you’re wondering how to strengthen your social ties and build intimate and fulfilling relationships, we’ve connected with Serena, a relationship and intimacy coach who will be answering all of your burning questions. Find the answers to your questions in our monthly newsletter.

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How do you become deeply intimate with your spouse after giving them a second chance?

Your trust has been broken. It is the responsibility of your partner to repair that by showing up every single day as the person they promise to be. Taking accountability for the pain they caused, changing habits, creating space to prove their worthiness to you. Then on your side, you have to make sure you really want it. With every promise kept you can feel yourself soften a little bit more. I never encourage you to push past your limits. If your partner is showing up daily as the person they promised to be and you are still not open to them, have grace with yourself. Your body needs time to catch up to your logical mind. 

- Serena Haines

How do you build physical and emotional intimacy with a new partner?

Through time and baby steps. It can take some people 2 hours to know they have met their person. It takes others more time. In order to feel safe we need time to trust people and our reactions to these people (this is the most important part that no one talks about). We have to get to know how they affect our lives and bodies. This comes with time spent together and memories made. Emotional intimacy builds when we have to depend on people and they show up for us (and in how we want to show up for others) This requires opportunities and opportunities and only only happen over time spent together. Physical intimacy grows in much the same way. Baby steps. Do I like kissing them? Do I like how they smell? their skin, their body? The way I feel in their embrace, the way they touch me, the ways I want to touch them ...all over time.

How do you handle being with a partner who talks too much?

With very clear communication. If you mean in daily life you will have to create boundaries for yourself. “Me time” or a room that only you are in at a certain point. Think the ol “sock on the door” trick lol! Boundaries are your best friend here. If you mean in the bedroom, you can gently let them know that sometimes you just “love to hear you moan/breath/the sound of your body on mine” Make it juicy ;) 

How do you learn to trust these men?

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