Hey Mom, it's time you put yourself first. Here are 6 simple steps to get started.

Hey Mom, it's time you put yourself first. Here are 6 simple steps to get started.

Maternal Health Month has come to a close, but we never want to stop celebrating the beauty that is motherhood . Becoming a mother can be beautiful, fun, life-changing and fulfilling, but over the course of my experience offering therapeutic services to expectant mothers, postpartum mothers and mother's who have experienced loss, I've recognized that motherhood is also challenging and overwhelming. 

Understanding that at the root of self-care is self-preservation is an important way to center yourself when you are practicing self-care. Although self-care can involve an indulgent body scrub, a box of chocolates, and a shopping spree, self-care is equally, and probably more importantly, about giving yourself free time, hobbies, and boundaries.

To support you in your ever changing maternal journey, I would like to share six ways to be intentional about your lifestyle to continue to enjoy motherhood and show up the best way you can. Self-care is a beautiful way to enjoy the process.

Six Ways You can Center Self-Care as a Mom.

1. Create Space

 Create space for yourself daily, weekly, and monthly. Attend a nearby workout class, join a book club, start your day with yoga or meditation, or sit at a coffee shop before running errands. By scheduling these activities into your calendar as a reminder you can emphasize their importance. Make these things a commitment to being your best self.

2. Make Rest a Priority

Prioritize rest, not just sleep. Incorporate physical, emotional, and social rest into your routine. You can benefit from a day off just to be at home, schedule intentional free time, and occasionally unplug from social media.

3. Get Involved In Your Community

Build community by enlisting your family, friends, and neighbors. Host a barbecue, engage with other parents at your children's activities, join school committees, or start a recipe club. You can also find meaningful ways to engage with community online.

4. Explore Your Hobbies

Remember who you were before you became a mother? Rediscover old hobbies and channel your inner child. Try something new. Engaging hobbies like painting, writing, crafts, cooking, gardening, or DIY projects can bring joy and relaxation.

5. Incorporate Activity Into Your Routine

Incorporate movement into your daily life. It doesn't have to be formal exercise; walking, taking stairs, or meeting friends for a stroll are great options.

6. Get Affirmed

Remember, self-care is not selfish but essential for self-love and preservation. It's a lifestyle that allows you to pour into yourself so you can pour into others.

You are amazing, never forget that. You deserve the love you give so freely to others.


- Rachel Iris Grant MSW

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