Lessons from Water

Lessons from Water

Eshe Simba

Love is energy, energy is infinite and everchanging like heat and water.

When you don't know the water, if you don't to listen to the patterns of the waves, you'll never learn to respond to them.

When you don't know the water, it's only natural to fear it. It's unknown, it's depths are not traceable by the feet, you will kick seeking the ground in an ocean that knows no bounds.

There are waves strong enough to take you under, you will fight hard to keep your head and body above water.

Until you learn to float, to be still with water and let the waves wash over you, until you learn to surrender the fight and become weightless.

If you can surrender to the wave, you can ride it. And like clouds to rain, you are both the source of and host to love itself.

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