Refresh-Mint Peppermint and Lavender Body Scrub
Refresh-Mint Peppermint and Lavender Body Scrub
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Refresh-Mint Peppermint and Lavender Body Scrub

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Start your day off right with our invigorating peppermint and lavender infused body scrub. Slough off dead skin, and prevent fungal infections with the anti-fungal properties of peppermint.

Peppermint and Lavender can offer unique benefits when added to your skincare routine. Our premium peppermint essential oil blend helps to control oil production, and reduce inflammation preventing breakouts and hyperpigmentation. The added lavender is known for having calming and soothing properties which you can experience immediately upon inhalation. The combination of the two can offer stress relief, in the form of therapeutic aromas. 

Use our scrub at least three times a week to achieve supple, hydrated skin that feels deeply cleansed and refreshed. 

Made with pure cane sugar, nourishing coconut oil, dried lavender, and rejuvenating essential oils, our scrub is the perfect addition to your relaxation and aromatherapy routine. So, pamper yourself and include the Refresh-Mint Body Scrub to your self-care routine today. 

Sugar Plum Scrubs is committed to sustainability and that requires adapting our practices and services as we grow. Sustainability for us means environmentally friendly practices such as waste reduction, limiting water consumption, and avoidance of the depletion of natural resources. Below is a list of the different ways we decrease waste and contribute to protecting our most valuable resource, planet Earth.

1. We re-use shipping containers & products.

If Sugar Plum Scrubs (or the members of the household) have any shipments come in, the boxes & filler (air pockets, bubble wrap or shredded paper) those will be re-used! As much as we would like to have the prettiest boxes & fanciest unboxing experience, we've decided to re-use resources, limit deforestation, reduce waste and save you money. 

2. We use bio-degradable packaging peanuts

On the rare occasion that we run out of recycled filler, we invested in bio-degradable peanuts to keep your goodies safe while in transit. Feel free to wash them down the drain. 

3. We are a home based business.

Rather than opening up a storefront, or a factory we have decided to work from home! This lowers our carbon footprint, decreases our gas and electricity consumption and also (conveniently) saves you money.

3. We encourage our customers to return their jars.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we have halted our jar-return. Hold on to your jars until further notice and you can receive discounts of up to 15% on post-pandemic orders.

4. We use a dishwasher rather than wash our jars by hand.

Apparently, "an Energy Star certified dishwasher can use as little as 3 gallons per load (around 11 litres)" whereas washing by hand can use 27 gallons. We just think that using the dishwasher is so much easier than washing by hand.

Please help by turning off your water when you are applying and shaving off your sugar scrubs.

5. We carpool to our shipping drop-offs.

Our products will be shipped within 7 days. Why? Because we want to make sure we are being efficient.

We ship your orders collectively every Tuesday. Unless of course we happen to be heading in that direction already. When someone else in the household has an errand to run, we tag along. Thanks mom!

6. We only use ingredients we eat.

Sugar Plum Scrubs uses products you eat everyday in our scrubs.

When you apply our products, you aren’t adding toxic waste to your blood stream.

When you wash our products down the drain, you aren't adding toxic waste to the environment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
S&C Grant
Great service, fantastic product!

We purchased scrubs as gifts for our staff and as well for parents in a group we run. Everyone needs an excuse to pamper themselves from time to time. And this is not just for the ladies. The reviews have been slowly trickling in to Wow! Amazing! Natural and yummy scents! So thoughtful! Fun to use! My skin feels so much better afterwards. I personally was intrigued by all of the various scents and just had to keep one of each for myself ;) Keeps the skin smooth which is so important during the winter months. Keep up the great work Sugar Plum Scrubs!

Neisa Long

This scrub is amazing, natural and very high quality!! It makes your skin so soft while not leaving behind the residue or the feeling of stripped oils on your skin. ONe of the best-quality scrubs I have ever used.

Amazing(Nzuri sana)

All the was from Tanzania. I used this scrub and all i can say is AMAZING. It smells like heaven, it gives the right amount of scrubbing strength and leaves the skin smooth and moisturised. On top of it all its very organic and i love the fact that i could see all the herbs in it.
Asante sana Sugar Plum Scrubs kwa kutuletea bidhaa nzuri.
Karibu Tanzania.

Irmagean Sylvester

I used the Refresh-Mint - Peppermint and Lavender Body Scrub to shave and as a body scrub. I was extremely happy with the outcome. After a long day of work, the scrub does its magic leaving the skin feeling amazing, smooth and relaxed. I highly recommend the scrub to anyone looking to exfoliate their body, a product which is perfect for shaving and one which also helps with a good night sleep.

Shalli Rosena Mbwette
Love it!

Love it Love it! Great smell, great product, and packaging. It leaves my skin feeling soft and lustrous; Makes me feel rejuvenated and ready for a good book and a cup of coffee; P.S No need to apply body oil after :)