5 Soul Crushing Habits I'm Discarding in 2024.

5 Soul Crushing Habits I'm Discarding in 2024.

In January 2023, I made the new year's resolution to double down on my goals for Sugar Plum Scrubs. I took it upon myself to make a plan for the year, forecasted business scenarios and decided it would be the year of #noexcuses.

What I didn’t include in my forecasts were my human inefficiencies, and how they would show up along the journey. Watching your self-doubt, procrastination and indecisiveness derail your business goals (let's add the tendency to catastrophize here) is a humbling experience. While we can't conquer our demons on a deadline, we can definitely factor our inefficiencies into our goal setting. There are 5 habits I refuse to carry throughout 2024, and I've developed some alternatives to gently steer myself into 2025.

1. Negative Self-Talk 

What I'm replacing it with? Talking to the people who love me and listening to them instead.

2. Uncertainty / Indecisiveness

What I'm replacing it with? Starting where I'm sure, while being okay with changing course when I have more information. 

3. Procrastination

What I'm replacing it with? I don't want to make decisions based in fear. A lot of my procrastination stems from fear of doing something wrong. So, choosing to act based on knowledge, rather than fear.

4. Overconsumption 

What I'm replacing it with? Creating! rather than over buying, over eating and over scrolling. I want to spend more time being creative. Adding my own artistic flair to life. 

5. Multitasking

What I'm replacing it with? more hobbies that keep me occupied for a set period of time. Being intentional about scheduling my time.


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