About Sugar Plum Scrubs


Hey Loves! Welcome to Sugar Plum Scrubs. My name is Eshe Simba and I am the creator and owner of Sugar Plum Scrubs.

I have an entire support system rallying behind me to offer you self-soothing and therapeutic products. 

Before I begin I would like to express a heartfelt thank you for YOU. I hope you realize you have not only taken the time to check out this store, you have instilled a sense of accomplishment in myself and my community that I will forever be grateful for.

I'd like to thank my mother, who insists I make her sugar scrubs time and time again, thereby allowing me to perfect my craft. I am very lucky to be able to create magic in her kitchen!

I'd also like to thank my aunt, who has this amazing lavender plant in her garden that has blessed these sugar scrubs in ways you can only imagine.

And lastly, to my friends and family who have supported this venture I appreciate you. Your kind words and your generosity never go unnoticed. 

Now let's get to the sweet stuff.

Sugar Plum Scrubs was started when I realized I wasn't enjoying my shower experience. I would look at the products I'd buy from various stores and I wouldn't understand the ingredients and how they were benefiting me.

I have heard countless stories of other Black & African women all over the world with stories of fibroids, PCOS and other conditions & often wondered if it was linked to our cosmetic use. Instead of worrying, I decided to do some research.

After watching countless documentaries and reading various books, I came across the concept of toxic-beauty. Upon reading the ingredients in my old skincare and comparing them to some of the toxic substances I learned about I was horrified.

All I wanted a straight forward shower experience. One I didn't have to question. One that made me feel safe, and allowed me to shower in peace. 

I decided to put my energy into creating a product that made me feel good. One product that can replace the bulk of my toxic skincare. 

Then came Sugar Plum Scrubs, the exfoliator, moisturizer, cleanser, shaving cream alternative and aromatherapy all in one.

 I started to feel confident and sexy in my skin. 

No self-care routine will ever be effective if we aren’t comfortable with the woman we are inside and out. I made the choice to love my skin without any added products in order to consciously create a line of products that weren’t changing my body and skin chemistry but were making me feel good about the woman I am without them

Sugar Plum Scrubs brought new sensation to my life and one that stood out for me was overall softness. As a woman, I’ve learned the importance of being soft and sensual beings. And this need is inspired by the need for touch. Touch  is a soothing and calming experience and I want to encourage people to experience closeness both with themselves and others. Especially in a time where touch and closeness is longed for.

I hope that Sugar Plum Scrubs can encourage you to feel at peace and you can share that softness with others. I hope that allows you to hold on to your loved ones just a little bit longer.

Allow Sugar Plum Scrubs to serve you, in whatever way you can imagine.